Privacy Policy

This web site is under the management of Noguchi General Laboratory Co., Ltd. (NGL here of) Please note under said articles also refer to our websites. NGL protects personal data in accordance with our policies under mentioned.

1.Definition of private data

“Private data” means the information about a living and identifiable individual. Individuals can be identified by various means including their name and date of birth or other descriptions, or by referring to other information easily to be specified.

2.Collection of personal data

NGL shall never collect personal data of site user without his or her authorization. NGL shall collect personal data only provided by the individual person in principle.

3.Use of personal data

When using personal data of individual, NGL shall use such information only within the scope of following purpose.

  • Reflection to the affairs of NGL
  • Sending information from NGL
  • Providing information requested by user
  • Answering and responding to the comment or inquiry by user
  • When making survey, data or analysis in order to grasp the characteristics of user
  • Sending notice, necessary verification of survey, various projects or application of reading
  • In the event of necessity arisen to contact user by certain reason

NGL shall not disclose user’s personal data to third parties except in the following cases.

  • When complying with laws and regulations of the national or local government or necessary to cooperate to execute the affair with representatives from either government or institute in accordance with laws and regulations.
  • When disclosure is necessary for the protection of human life, human health or property and it is difficult to obtain the consent of the user.

4.Disclosure to third parties

NGL does not disclose user’s personal data to third parties except for any of following case.

  • When the user has given the prior consent to the disclosure
  • In the event of disclosing the data that is unable to recognize individuality(except the case other party will be able to refer other information easily and be able to recognize user’s individuality by that information).
  • When complying laws and regulations
  • In the event of illegal access or threat or breaching of regulation by user’s own
  • In the event of within the scope that user may cause disadvantage to third parties
  • In the event of within the scope of necessary to obtain user or public benefit

5.Safety management measures

NGL shall strictly manage the personal data of our users and implement any practical, systematic, physical, technical measure by the serving company in accordance with related laws and regulations against unauthorized access, loss, destruction, alteration, leakage or others.

6.Correction or deletion of personal data

Correction or deletion of personal data given to NGL shall be made, please contact inquiry page below.

7.Regarding usage of cookie

NGL may use cookie in order to provide better services to users, not to obtain information that will identify individual nor violate any privacy of users.

In case of not desiring the acceptance of cookie, it is possible to alter setting of browser.

*Cookie is a small piece of text stored on a hard disc of user’s computer by a web browser.

8.Notes for Links to handle private data

NGL disclaims any responsibility for the security of user’s personal data used on third parties’ web sites that are linked from this web site.

9.Revision of privacy policy

From time to time NGL may revise the personal data protection policy, purpose of intention of use or other policy, NGL shall not report revision in individual basis. Superseded this web site shall be declaration of revision.

10. Inquiry

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