We, Noguchi General Laboratory, have been striving since our establishment to produce goods contributing to our customers’ healthy lives and to offer satisfying services to our customers, based on our challenging spirit of “originality,” “constructiveness,” and “permanence.”

Today it is easy to get various kinds of health food and convenience food at drugstores and online shops. Although there are full of convenient and inexpensive products in the market, we have been not following the trends but producing genuine goods with safe and selected materials.

We have achieved great results by our long-term cooperative research with Kyushu University.

We have been trusted nationwide as a manufacturer which produces safe and reliable products.

In the future, we, Japan, are ahead of the world to have an aging society, and thus the market of health food products will likely expand.
We consider that it is our duty to achieve the society in which every person can feel pleasure for being “healthy.”

In order for people in the world to have their healthy lives with “smiles”, we will work on producing new products and strive with the aim of becoming a company which contributes the society on a global scale.