Ken Doc

The features of Ken Doc

What is the raw material of KenDoc “marine sediment?”

The main raw material of Ken Doc, which is a supplement for dogs, is the marine sediment. It is gathered at a place where used to be the bottom of the sea about 300,000 years ago and was upheaved and isolated from the sea by diastrophism. It shut in seaweeds, fish, shellfish, minerals and microbes in the seawater there. The sediment which had been repeated fermentation and decomposition of their nutrients, polysaccharides, and dietary fiber by the function of microbes for a long time is the organic sediment derived from marine plants.

It was put to practical use as additives for agricultural compost and stockbreeding forage. As the result, it has been verified that it reduces the smell of excrement and urine, which is one of the biggest issues in the stockbreeding industry. The marine sediment is also verified that it contains minerals and 8 types of glycan nutrients in natural condition.

What are “glycan nutrients?”

Glycan lies on the surface of cells in human body. A single cell has about 500 to 100,000 glycans on itself. It functions as an antenna to communicate important information among cells. Recent research verifies that glycan disorder causes various diseases. It performs very important functions to maintain health and life.

The 8 types of monosaccharides which compound glycan are called glycan nutrients. It is important to take these glycan nutrients to maintain the balance of glycan in the body.