Moretsu Happun Gold

Features of Moretsu Happun Gold

Power, beauty and energy

Based on ”Glycan nutrient extract solution”, formulated with extract of oyster meat, cordyceps sinensis, rangifer tarandus, wolfberry fruits, Siberia ginseng, mango leaves, and royal jelly, etc. Since it is formulated with oyster meat extract and zinc gluconate, it is shown as nutritional functional food (zinc) on the label.
Although the existing “Moretsu Happun” is formulated with caffeine, this product uses mango leaves extract, which has the same effect as caffeine. It is pepper flavor that makes your throat feel stimulated when you drink it.
The phoenix, which is shown on the label, is a symbol of elegance, strength, improvement, and love. It also represents power, beauty and energy up.


Main ingredients (Amount per serving)
Glycan nutrient extract solution 3,000mg L-citrulline 800mg
Cordyceps sinensis extract powder 300mg Oyster meat extract 300mg
Rangifer tarandus extract 300mg Wolfberry fruits extract 300mg
Nutrition Facts (Serving Size)

Calories 43Kcal Protein 1.75g
Fat 0g Carbohydrate 8.85g
Salt equivalent 0.097g Vitamin C 200mg
Nicotinamide 30mg Vitamin B2 10mg
Vitamin B1 5mg Vitamin B6 5mg
Zinc 10mg