Ginga no Shizuku

The features of Ginga no Shizuku

The skin lotion derived from natural ingredients, made from “Gingasui”

“Ginga no Shizuku” made from our original mineral water “Gingasui” which has been sold for 30 years nation-wide is a skin lotion compounded with placental protein, hyaluronic acid, and collagen.

There are 2 kinds of Ginga no Shizuku lotions: refreshing type for the daytime and moisturizing one for the nighttime, which are non-sticky and refreshing skin lotions.

Main Ingredients
Gingasui NaturalNatural mineral water Glycerin Humectant
Placental protein   Derived from pigs Sodium hyaluronate Microbial fermentation raw material
Hydrolyzed collagen Derived from pigs Bergamot fruit oil Fragrance