Moretsu Happun

The features of Moretsu Happun

  1. mh-image01Moretsu Happun contains 2,500mg (per bottle) of cordyceps sinensis extract.Cordyceps sinensis is neither an insect nor plants. It is a species of parasitic fungus and has been taken as a medicine in Japan since long ago.
  2. mh-image06Horns of reindeers have been utilized as nutritious food in Northern Europe since long ago. They are shed and regrown every year and contain arginine.
  3. mh-image03Hippocampus (sea horse) is saltwater fish belonging to the family Syngnathidae and inhabits to the south of Hokkaido in Japan. It contains protein as the main composition and various amino acids. It has been utilized for traditional Chinese medicines and medical dishes in China.
  1. mh-image04Chinese wolfberry fruits contain various nutrients such as vitamin A, B1, B2, C, calcium, phosphorus and iron. They also contain betaine and zeaxanthin, which are utilized for fruit wine, dried fruits and to eat fresh.
  2. mh-image05Agkistrodon halys extract is well known for traditional Chinese medicines or viper wine. It contains rich in amino acids, especially the essential ones which cannot be generated or composed in the body.
  3. Panax ginseng has been utilized for traditional Chinese medicine since long ago.
  1. mh-image02Polygonatum falcatum is a perennial plant belonging to the lily family. It is dried and utilized for traditional Chinese medicines.
Ingredients (Amount per serving)
Cordyceps sinensis extract 2,500mg Extract of horns of reindeers 100mg
Polygonatum falcatum extract 300mg Panax ginseng extract 100mg
Extract of sea horses 250mg Vitamin B1 10mg
Chinese wolfberry fruit extract 200mg Vitamin B2 5mg
Agkistrodon halys extract 160mg Vitamin B6 5mg
Nutrition Facts (Amount per serving)
Calories 31.5Kcal Protein 0.05g
Fat 0g Carbohydrate 7.35g
Sodium 7.45mg